November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!


As the Holiday season approaches, many families look to adopt puppies and kittens form their local shelter or pet store. However, what many families do not consider is the number of grown pets that are also in need of homes! Adopting a senior pet has many benefits and can often be the solution you and your family are looking for!

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5 reasons why you should consider adopting a senior pet:

1. Wisdom with age- They’re already trained

There is no bigger hassle than potty training a brand new puppy or kitten. Most adult dogs and cats will enter your home completely trained, and can master simple commands like “sit,” “stay” and “drop it.” This eliminates the stress of training and cleaning up accidents!

2. Man (or Woman’s) best friend!

By giving them a forever home, your senior pet will recognize that you have accepted them into your lives and they will remain loyal to you. Since they are already trained, older dogs make great workout partners, while older cats (and dogs!) make for a great snuggle buddies! (1)


3. You could save a life

What many people do not realize is that older pets need a home just as much, if not more, than puppies and kittens. The older they get, the less of a chance they have of being adopted. Additionally, senior pets that are left in shelters are the most likely to be euthanized. (1)

4. No surprises- what you see is what you get

When adopting from a shelter, many times the exact breed of a puppy is unknown. This means that you are unsure of how big your puppy will grow. With senior dogs, they are already grown to full size- so there is no worrying whether or not they will fit in your home!

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5. They are a stress reliever

Many studies show that animal companionship can decrease your blood pressure levels and even reduce stress. Additionally, physical activity is a mood booster and essential to your health. “Senior pets enjoy leisurely walks and gentle play, which will encourage you to exercise for even a few minutes on your busiest days.” (2)

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When caring for your senior pet, try using our Senior formulas: ElderDog, Senior Cat and/or Small Breed Dog Senior! This formula provides the necessary nutrients for joint support, boosted immunity, regular digestion, healthy heart and optimum skin and coat health to help your pet live a long healthy and happy life! 

Summer Creighton