February is American Heart Month


Did you know that both cats and dogs can develop heart disease? Did you know that heart disease symptoms are often more difficult to detect in cats than in dogs? Early detection is the best way to prevent any worsening of your pets condition. Here are some helpful tips for preventing heart problems and detecting early signs of heart disease in your pet!

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Signs and symptoms to Monitor your Pets Heart Health:

  • Loss of appetite, fatigue

  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain

  • Fainting or collapsing

  • A cough that worsens when sleeping or during sudden movements

  • Unusual anti-social behavior, laziness

  • Shortness of breath when exercising

  • A blue or purple tint to your pets gums or tongue

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Tips for Keeping your Pet Heart Healthy:

  • Maintain regular daily exercise, walks, playtime etc.

  • Keep a human grade, meat based balanced diet

  • Stay up to date with dental care

  • Monitor your pets behavior

  • Ask your vet for a proBNP blood test

  • Give your pets love and affection

  • Visit regularly for checkups


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Summer Creighton