January is Walk Your Pet Month!


It’s walk your dog month! Check out some helpful tips for keeping your dog on track and safe this month- and all year round!

  • Choose the Right Leash for your Dog

    When choosing a leash for your pup, the two main things to consider are comfort and safety. If you choose a neck collar opposed to a harness, it should fit snug around the dogs neck but allow two fingers to slide underneath it easily. (2)

    The safest leash walking option is a fixed-length leash about six feet long. (1)

    If the leash is too short it is hard to walk without keeping slack in the leash, which can encourage pulling.

    If the leash is too long, it can make it difficult to control your dog and stop them from getting into things they shouldn’t.

    Special no-pull harnesses designed to discourage pulling by a dog are available. Talk to your veterinarian, a behaviorist, or a dog trainer for recommendations (2)

  • Teach Proper Dog Walking Behavior

    Outdoor walks should be considered leisure time for your dog. Make sure you are allowing them to stop and sniff around the neighborhood and aren’t being too restrictive.

    Train your dog to walk next to you and not pull you forward. Encourage good behavior by praising them and/or giving them a treat when they walk next to you.

    Discourage bad behavior by stopping and ignoring them when they try to excessively pull you or lunge and bark at something. You can also try walking at a faster pace- so your dog has less of a chance to notice things that might cause him or her to pull. (2)

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Summer Creighton