Professional Pet Sitters week March 3-10!


Traveling for work? Going away for summer vacation? But who will look after your pets!? Not to worry, pet sitters are here for YOU! There are many benefits of leaving your pet at home with a sitter as opposed to boarding them at a kennel or dog hotel. Read about some of the pros to hiring a pet sitter!


What are the Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter?

  • They are working FOR you. Your hired pet sitter is committed to providing quality care to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Pet sitters have high levels of experience in providing quality care for animals. The majority of professional pet sitters are also trained in animal first aid and safety.

  • Hiring someone to come to your home will allow your pets to feel safe in the comfort of a familiar environment- their own home.

  • As a result of staying in a familiar place, pets experience less anxiety than when they are temporarily moved away from their home.

  • Pets are able to maintain their regular diet and exercise routines as well as enjoy anticipated play time in a familiar setting.

  • By avoiding kennels, your pets won’t be exposed to possible germs from other animals, meaning reduced risk for sicknesses.

  • As well as preventing sickness, keeping your pet away from other animals reduces the risk of injury.

  • Access to a pet sitting network, such as, will allow you multiple options should your preferred pet sitter be unavailable- meaning you will never be out of options!

  • A pet sitter can also serve as a house sitter while you are away (water plants, take in the mail and newspaper, etc.)!

  • Pet sitters can also handle groomer and vet visits while you are away.


If your pet has separation anxiety, or gets anxious try using a dose of our ZEN formula to help ease the nerves! LICKS ZEN comes in pet gummi form and gel packet form for Cats, Dogs, and Small Breed Dogs!

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Summer Creighton