Using LICKS to Customize Home Cooked Meals for your Pet!


Creating custom home cooked meals for your furry friends according their age, lifestyle, or health is a great way to ensure your pet is getting the supplements they need. Some pets have trouble swallowing pills or accepting a snack that is out of the ordinary. With LICKS gel packets, you can add the supplements they need right to their favorite meal! Follow these steps to creating a home cooked, supplement packed meal for your furry friends:

1.) Make Food


In a food processor bled together your choice of meal for your dog, for example we blended some unseasoned, fully cooked chicken breast and broccoli. You can mix it up with different meat/veggie combos!


2.) Choose the LICKS formula that is right for your pet


In this case we used the Multi-Vitamin formula for our new puppy, Boots, to help ensure he is getting the essential vitamins he needs to grow big and strong!

For our senior dog Dora, we used the Senior Dog formula ElderDog, to help promote healthy joints, a strong immune system, and digestive health in her old age.


3.) Add LICKS Multi-Vitamin for Puppy Boots and Mix


Open the LICKS Multi-Vitamin gel packet and squeeze the contents directly on top of food and mix together.

4.) Add LICKS ElderDog™ for Big Sister Dora and Mix


Open the LICKS ElderDog™ gel packet and squeeze the contents directly on top of food and mix together.


5&6.) Happy Mealtime for Puppy Boots and Big Sister Dora!

Summer Creighton