New Year, New Habits for You and Your Pet!


The start of new calendar year often means setting new goals! Here are some ideas for goals you can set to help you and your pet jump start the new year. This year we are focusing our goals around how to prolong your pets life -and yours too!

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#1 Stay Up to Date with Checkups

As pet owners, we can underestimate the importance of the yearly checkup. As our pets age, they become more susceptible to medical conditions. Often times medical conditions in animals can begin without any signs or symptoms, meaning the only way to discover them is with a trip to the vet. If a vet detects a condition in your pet such as diabetes or cancer, catching it in the early stages and beginning treatment right away increases their chances of recovery and prolongs their life!

This year, make it a goal of yours to never miss a checkup- don’t forget about your own yearly checkups as humans as well!


#2 Monitor Your Pets Diet Based on Age

This year, make it a goal to keep up with your vitamins and make sure you and your pet are getting the essential nutrients you need to stay healthy!

What many people do not realize, is that pets nutritional needs differ as they grow older. The portions and number of vitamins a new puppy should be consuming changes as the puppy grows. “Puppy foods have higher levels of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, and chloride, in comparison to adult foods, to support a young dog’s rapid growth and development ” (2)

As your pet grows older, make the switch to an adult diet, and eventually to a senior diet. Food made specifically for elder pets “may contain lower levels of fat to help prevent obesity, increased levels of anti-oxidants, or moderate levels of protein aimed at maintaining muscle mass while not overworking the kidneys. “ (2)


#3 Explore the outdoors with your pet!

New year, new adventures! Physical activity is a key component to helping your pet live a long and healthy life. This year, make it a goal to go on more adventures with your animals that include physical activity. For example: Make a list of different/new hiking trails or dog parks in your area and make it your goal to visit a new one with your furry friend each month!

You can also think outside the box for activities you haven’t explored yet, such as kayaking, dog yoga, hitting the beach, or socializing at a dog friendly patio in your city! This can be a great way to get out of the house and try new things while also bonding with your pup!


#4 Don’t Forget About Oral Hygiene!

Just like us, our pets also have to stay up to date with oral health. If left untreated, dental diseases and other oral issues can lead to heart and kidney disease. (2)  Daily brushing is the best way to help prevent these issues. If your pet is not keen on toothbrushes, ask your veterinarian for specific diets or toys you can give your pet to help keep their mouth clean.

This year, lets make it a goal to never miss a dental visit, and to remember to ask your vet about your pet’s oral health.

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When focusing on goal #2, consider using one of our multivitamin formulas to help your pet keep the balanced diet they need! Our Multi-vits come in both Gummi and Gel forms- Dog Multi-Vitamin, Cat Multi-Vitamin, and Small Breed Dog Multi-Vitamin!

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Summer Creighton