5 Homemade Summer Treats for Your Dog


Its hot hot hot out there! Everyone loves an ice cold treat on a hot summer day, even our furry friends! Here are some ideas for cool, easy and tasty treats to give your dog on a hot sunny day.

  1. Frozen Blueberries

    As easy as it sounds! Place blueberries in the freezer until they are frozen in to a popsicle-like treat! “Blueberries are not only tasty, but they're also a superfood for people and pets. As anti-oxidants, this summer fruit protects the body from cell-damaging free radicals.” (1)

  2. BBQ Ice Cubes

    We all know pups love meaty juices and flavors. Having a Barbecue? Put your leftover hamburger juice or chicken broth to use! “Fill an ice cube tray with the liquid and stick it in the freezer. Drop a few cubes in an empty dog dish on hot day for your furry friend” (1)

  3. Watermelon Balls

    Use a scoop or melon baller to transform watermelon pieces into small balls. Place in the freezer to create a fun cool-down snack- You can use the melon balls to play fetch with your dog! (1)

  4. Strawberry filled yogurt surprise

    Yogurt covered strawberries are tasty for dogs as well as humans! First, dip some fresh strawberries into plain Greek yogurt and place on a wire rack. Freeze the yogurt covered strawberries, remove from freezer and repeat these steps to thicken the coating. Once frozen, cut off the tops to serve! (2)

  5. Frozen Kong

    Fill your dog’s Kong with peanut butter, PB + Banana mixture, or a PB + cottage cheese + Honey mixture and place in the freezer until the mixture is frozen. The frozen treat inside can offer hours of entertainment for our dogs! (2)

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Add your dog’s favorite LICKS product to their cool summer treat=Nutritious and Delicious!

For LICKS Gel Packets, simply squeeze the packet on top of the treat before feeding it to your pup.

For LICKS Pet Gummis, try putting them inside a Kong or including them in a bowl of frozen blueberries!

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Summer Creighton